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Team of Experts

The small team of tourism specialists in led by Bernd Schneider, who is the company founder, owner and managing director. He was born and grew up in Namibia and has traveled to most corners of Africa, Europe, USA and Canada and the Arab countries himself. Even today he travels quite extensively, always in search for new routes and exciting destinations.

The special emphasis on small details, the expert knowledge of all the destinations we offer, being able to relate to our guests, but most of all our personal touch and our dedicated and friendly service are the reasons why Natural Destinations has become a successful tourism enterprise.


Authentic, honest travel experiences

We would like to show you the world the way it really is in all its natural glory. We would like you to experience the thrill of getting up close to nature and animals, feel as if you are the first human visiting a destination and get to know, why it is important to protect our few remaining natural sites and endangered wildlife.

We design tours, which show you the destination visited in an authentic and honest way. We often go off the beaten track and try to highlight you sights and scenic beauty from a different angle. Each tour will always be a unique experience, something special, a true adventure out in nature.


Untouched Nature

We are specialized on tours and destinations where nature is the main point of interest. Of course we also visit exciting cities, mostly at the beginning or the end of our tours, but in general we concentrate on the beauty of untouched nature and the spectacular experience to see wildlife in its natural habitat. Through our tours we would like to make our guests more aware of nature, the relaxing effect is has and support worldwide nature conservation efforts. We only offer small tours, which are environmentally sustainable and where guests get to experience what being out in nature is all about: no traffic jams, no time pressure, no mobile phone or internet – simply enjoy and experience the natural wonders of our world!


Education focused tourism

Study abroad tours and education focused tours are part of our business. We are dedicated to help the youth of today to understand the values of travel, of nature, of conservation and natural resource management. We offer a wide list of expertise ranging from learning from different cultures, experiencing different lifestyles and socio-economic surroundings all the way up to how to properly use your digital camera.


Small accommodation establishments, typical for the visited destination

Many business travelers enjoy the comfort of standardized hotel rooms. We do things differently! We believe that especially the smaller, owner run accommodation establishments give our guests the real, authentic experience of the destination visited. We make an effort to book small country hotels, remote lodges and little guest houses, each offering a different and very unique guest experience. We use small exclusive boutique hotels, tented camps out in the wild as well as little Bed & Breakfasts if they optimally complement the tour and route chosen. This creates a fantastic variety through-out your tour and guests have the chance to meet local people, hear their stories and leave as friends.


Custom itineraries

We realize that each person is different and has different ideas on what a perfect holiday should be like. We have therefore developed a reservation system which enables us to completely custom-design your trip exactly to each guests liking. It does not matter whether guests wish to do a luxury fly-in safari, drive through the country in a 4x4 rental car or simply wish to have a relaxing trip for their honeymoon – we have built up a database of tourism service providers including various accommodation establishments, car rental companies, local activity operators, flights, excursions, sights and highlights, which we can mix, change and adjust in nearly any way, thus making your holiday a truly unique experience perfectly matched to your budget, your available time and you liking.


Perfectly planned

Each and every holiday or study abroad program is a very personal experience and should be the best time of the year. With us, guests can rely on our many years of experience in designing custom itineraries, our expert destination knowledge and our expansive network of service providers. We can give expert advice on how to optimally use the travel time available, design logical routes and find the perfect destinations and accommodation establishments for every tour. Only a well-planned trip gives the peace of mind that everything is arranged and will work as it should and you can truly enjoy your trip the way you are supposed to. Relax, we’ve got every detail covered!

We take care of all the organizational aspects of your trip so that you can enjoy unique travel experiences, fascinating landscapes and untouched nature.



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