Cape Peninsula

Cape Peninsula

Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and the Cape Peninsula is one of its crowning jewels. This magnificent stretch of coastline is home to pristine beaches, towering cliffs, and lush forests.
It’s also a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, with its turquoise waters, pristine beaches and dramatic cliffs, it’s no wonder that this is a popular destination for travelers from all over the world. But there’s more to the Cape Peninsula than just its good looks. This is also a place where you can get up close and personal with some of the planet’s most fascinating creatures. penguins, sharks, whales and dolphins all call this area home, and there are plenty of opportunities to spot them in their natural habitat.
For those who are feeling adventurous, there are also plenty of chances to go free diving and explore the underwater world for yourself. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach vacation or an exciting wildlife adventure, the Cape Peninsula has something to offer everyone.

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The winter months (May to September) can get quite cold and wet in the Cape Peninsula, which is why we generally recommend in the summer months from October through to April, which will get you the most beautiful weather to enjoy the many outdoor activities, which the Cape Peninsula has to offer. Try to avoid December and the Christmas season, as this is the busiest time of the year in the Cape Peninsula.


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Table Mountain

With a height of 1096 meter the Table Mountain provides the stunning backdrop to the city of Cape Town and is without doubt the most iconic landmark of South Africa. It’s level plateau is roughly 3 km across, with Lion’s Head to the west and Devil’s Peak to the east. A remarkable sight is the so-called table cloth, which is mist that forms suddenly and spills over the edge of the mountain and slides down the mountain sides like a table cloth.

Most visitors take the cable-car up to the western end of the plateau, although there are also many walking trails and climbing routes. Numerous boardwalks and designated paths allow exploration of this beautiful wilderness without damaging it. More than 1 470 plant species have been found on Table Mountain, many of them belonging to the flora called fynbos. There are also several species of proteas. Animals that can be seen here include the rock hyrax, or dassie as it is known locally, mongoose, baboons, grysboks, snakes and procupines.

It is notjust the close-up views of nature that make the trip up the mountain worthwhile; the views over the city, and along the coastline, are magnificent.

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. The World Heritage site is home to over 22,000 different plant species offering visitors the chance to see some of the rarest and most beautiful flowers in the world. Kirstenbosch is also a conservation hotspot, dedicated to protecting and propagating endangered plant species. In addition, the gardens are a haven for birders, with more than 200 different species of birds having been recorded in the park. 
The gardens offer breathtaking views of Table Mountain. Visitors can take hikes up the mountain, or they can stroll through the gardens at their leisure. There are also a variety of events held at Kirstenbosch throughout the year, ranging from concerts to art exhibitions. No matter what time of year you visit, Kirstenbosch is sure to delight and inspire. Whether you’re a gardener, a conservationist, or just someone who enjoys being surrounded by nature, Kirstenbosch is definitely worth a visit.

Boulders Beach

South Africa undoubtedly offers some of the best wildlife experiences in the world. But at Boulders Beach you can get up close and personal with perhaps the last creature in the world you would associate with Africa. For here among the bush and boulders of the beach is one of the world’s largest colonies of African penguins.
Wide wooden walkways provide easy access to the site. Often you will hear the birds before you see them – for the male produce a raucous braying call. With around 2 500 of these birds residing here you are certain to get some marvellous close encounters with these 50 cm dapper black and white birds. The first penguins began breeding here as recently as the 1980s, and since then the colony has grown incredibly quickly.

Cape Point

The Cape Point Nature Reserve, situated at the southwestern tip of Africa, is one of the most pristine and unspoiled places in the Cape Peninsula. With its dramatic cliffs, pristine beaches, and breathtaking views, this section of the Table Mountain National Park is truly a sight to behold. Here you will also find the southwesternmost Point of Africa - the Cape of Good Hope.
Cape Point is more than just a pretty place; it is also home to a unique variety of fauna and flora. From the rare Cape mountain zebra and Bontebok, to the beautiful orange-breasted sunbird and pelagic birds that drift in the air currents just off shore, there is an abundance of wildlife to be found in this special place.
There are miles of hiking trails winding their way through the reserve, so hikers and joggers will have plenty to explore. Whether you are looking for an adventure or simply a place to relax and soak up the beauty of nature, Cape Point Nature Reserve is sure to exceed your expectations.

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