Hartmann's Mountain Zebra

Hartmann's Mountain Zebra

Hartmann's mountain zebras are found in the slopes and plateaus of mountainous areas in Angola, Namibia, and South Africa.

These zebras are able to live in arid conditions better than other species of zebras but have to rely on areas with water sources. These animals are also surprisingly good climbers because of their hard and pointed hooves. A significant part of the population of these mountain zebras is present in commercial farmlands, and their numbers are said to be increasing throughout their range. However, there are still many threats to their species, the biggest one being any future droughts which might lead to a loss of their habitat as they are dependent on water for their survival.

The Hartmann's mountain zebra (Equus zebra hartmannae) is one of the two subspecies of the mountain zebra (Equus zebra), the other subspecies being the Cape mountain zebra (Equus zebra). The two subspecies were once considered two separate species, but further research has led to the two species being reclassified as subspecies again.

Though the Hartmann’s mountain zebra suffered a major population loss and risked extinction in the 1980s, these animals have recovered remarkably due to the creation of conservancies in the areas where Hartmann's mountain zebras are found. Their total population is now estimated to be around 33,000 individuals, and the population trend is fortunately increasing.

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